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As the days warm up we all need some bold, bright delicious treats in our lives, so I’ve given my build your own menu a bit of a revamp!

You can now choose any of the following flavours -


🍪 Strawberry shortcake with a strawberry and cream filling

🍪 Lemon meringue - lemon infused dough filled white chocolate, lemon curd and meringue. Topped with a cute little meringue kiss.

🍪 Chocolate fudge cake (cookie) with a chocolate cake and Hersheys hot fudge sauce filling.

🍪 Millionaires - filled with the BEST salted caramel brownie curtesy of the wonderful this comes topped with gold caramel deliciousness. (You’ll be seeing a lot more of this bad boy over the next few days!)

🍪 Rainbow popcorn - so popular in the Disneyland themed box that it’s here to stay! Now using Uniquecorn Popcorn!

🍪 Ferrero Nutella brookie - my Nutella cookie has been suped up, it basically now also contains Ferrero Rocher encased in brownie.

🍪 Kinder bueno cookie - kinder chocolate chunk dough with hazelnut cream, topped with bueno

🍪 Caramac and Biscoff - this firm favourite now also contains Biscoff! Made using our special Biscoff cookie dough filled with Caramac and Biscoff spread.

🍪 Cookies and cream - this ones sticking around a little longer

🍪 Banana Bread - filled with my signature banana bread and banoffee filling, topped with Belgian milk chocolate and edible wafer flowers.

- Bounty cookie - with a coconut macaroon filling, topped with belgian milk chocolate and a mini bounty.