August update

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Hi everyone,

Just a little update as it’s basically been absolutely ages now since I posted on social media, after taking a much needed step back from things.

I have been working hard behind the scenes on my August subscription box and also have loads of new ideas which I can’t wait to try for future boxes!

This time away has got me thinking a lot. I was hoping I’d return full of motivation and energy but in all honesty I’m just not really there.

The baking / cookie market on Instagram is now absolutely jam packed with new businesses all doing extremely similar things, this is a market that doesn’t really inspire me anymore. As much as I love that Kinder Hippo, seeing his face on every other Instagram post can get a little boring!

My plan for this business is to continue doing what I love, my cookie subscription and experimenting with new, exciting flavours! (My subscription is currently full but I do always try to make extra subscription boxes each month to sell as one offs!)

I’m all about trying out new recipes at the moment, usually with the kids attached to my hip! I plan to post some of my favourite recipes here on this blog. And potentially recipe PDFs which you’ll be able to purchase...think an online cookie cookbook 💙

Fingers crossed my recipes will be heading your way very soon!

Take care,

Becky x


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